Cloudy Daze at Rum Point | Grand Cayman

After nine days of serving martinis, margarita’s and mixing fancy cocktails for which I have no clue, I had a day off. I was looking forward to spending the day in the sun with my loved one, relaxing Caribbean side in a hammock while sipping local beers and taking dips into warm waters off the coast of Cayman.

Instead, the weather changed its ugly head and with it brought downpours and heavy black clouds. We weren’t going to let the rain spoil our day and we decided to make like tourists and head off to Rum Point.

Rum Point is named so, after barrels of rum were washed ashore from a ship wreck some years ago, when pirates so bravely sailed these waters.

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura

We parked the car and set off on foot to explore this stunning corner of paradise and this is what we found.

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura 2013 (3)

Funny, little pink houses. How I would love to live here.

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura 2013 (4)

The Rum Point Pier.

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura 2013

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura 2013 (2)

Then we found the bar, which I found oddly hilarious.

Jennifer Avventura 2013 (11)

And just outside the bar we noticed this chalkboard, filled with questions tourists ask. Sometimes I wonder where people have left their head when they go on vacation.

Rum Point by Jennifer Avventura 2013 (5)Hope you’ve enjoyed the little cloudy tour of Rum Point.

Do you let black, cloudy days spoil your travel plans?

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Observations of island life at Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Cayman Home by Jennifer Avventura 2013It’s been two months since I set foot on this flat island in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman has become my home; she has welcomed me with sunny open arms and long stretches of white warm sand. These are just a few of the things I’ve observed living here:

  • Island time is time that time has forgotten.
  • Everyone moves slow, unless they are in their car at rush hour, then time begins to exist again, as does road rage.
  • I bike to work daily and have adopted the ‘eyes in the back of your head’ (you know the ones your mother told you about when you were a kid? I swore my Mom had eye’s in the back of her head for the better part of my life) theory, otherwise, I’ll get run over by fast drivers, blind drivers or tourists who drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • If you come to Cayman you must drive on the left, the left I said! 
  • This is an island – and no, you cannot swim under it.
  • Yes, yes, I do live here. And no, I do not fly to work in a helicopter. However, sometimes I wish I did.
  • I also don’t boat in from Miami – I live here, on this tiny island in the Caribbean. Boooyah!
  • You will receive ALL change in Cayman dollars but if you piss me off I’ll give you the beautifully coloured Canadian loonie and toonie.
  • I asked for a Brazilian cut bikini and was told “Ma’am, Cayman is a Christian country – we don’t do that here.’
  • All bars and restaurants must close at midnight on Saturday, as one second after the bell tolls it’s God’s day.
  • .51 cents is not a tip nor is .10 cents and not even a dollar. Drop that loose change at the airport boxes for needy children around the world, you will do us all a favour. Cheapatony!
  • Government offices run like the government offices in Italy – depends who you get and how they are feeling that day.
  • The rules change from one person to the next, in the blink of an eye.
  • When it rains it pours and midnight bike rides back home after work leave you soaking wet and utterly happy.
  • Extremely low flying aircraft and the roaring sounds they make have become rather normal – even though I’m convinced it’s Armageddon every time one takes off or lands.
  • Blogging as taken a backseat since my arrival at Grand Cayman as work and the beach are occupying most of my time. This I must change.

Have you ever lived an island life?  Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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Travel Theme: Gaudy

I’m a little late with last week’s travel theme of gaudy; I spotted this pirate in Grand Cayman – he’s selling local rum and his sign is beyond gaudy, even though it’s pretty funny, IMHO. The hand held sign has since been turned around, to not offend tourists and locals alike.

ImageThis is my response to the weekly travel theme over at Where’s my backpack?

What is your opinion of the local pirate selling rum?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Where pirates and para-gliders meet, briefly, for an afternoon kiss.

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Travel Theme: Walls

I’ve always been fascinated with walls, strange fascination. There is something within walls that pulls my soul closer. I’ve never been to The Great Wall of China and I on;y witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall from the comforts of my Canadian home, twenty-four years ago. Maybe it was from that day, that historical day, where my fascination for walls began.

Here are a few wonder walls from Grand Cayman

If these walls could talk, what would they say?

This is my response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Walls. To check out other wonderful walls from around the world, click here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Nothing spells love better than a beautiful bottle of Italian wine shared with Italian friends at and all Italian lunch gathering – at Grand Cayman.


Love spills its lightheartedness all over the granite counter top with its traditional, imported cheeses and salami’s. It was, love at first bite.

ImageHow do you define love?

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Surprise House Guests at Grand Cayman

The maid came yesterday, she comes three times a week and cleans our house spotless. I heard a shriek and ran downstairs to see her doing the Jamaican dance of fear in my roommates bedroom.

What? What’s going on? Are you okay.” I stated in a rather bland tone; she did after all, wake me from my slumber.

I’m okay ma’am. But I no like the scorpion.” They are polite the maids in Cayman; I’ve asked her several times not call me ma’am, it makes me feel ancient but she persists.

SCORPION?” Now it was my turn to dance the funky dance around the room.

Ma’am you so funny when you dance like that. No worries, ma’am. I went and killed dem scorpion. Was a big one too, biggest one I evah see here. Was under his bed, ma’am. Can’t believe that, huh, ma’am. Under the bed.” My burning wish is for her to stop this ma’am business. What will it take?

Let me see. You killed it?” Always skeptical is my tone when dealing with foreign creatures that can kill, maim or harm.

Oh yes ma’am. I killed em wit da spray, he done dead now. Look at em, here.” She scooped the dead scorpion up with a tissue and planted it on the floor in front of my size nines.


What kind of surprise house guests do you find under the bed?

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Travel Theme: Up

High UP in the Caribbean sky a police helicopter makes its rounds among the darkening black clouds.

Travel Theme Up by Jennifer Avventura 2013

This photo was shot on the famous Seven Mile Beach.

Want to join in the Travel Theme Challenge? Head on over to Ailsa’s blog – Where’s my backpack to find out more about this fun weekly challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Grand CaymanBeyond windowless windows we see the light.

View from Observation Deck at Camana Bay by Jennifer Avventura (5)

This photo was shot at the Observation Deck at Camana Bay, Grand Cayman.

Why not join in the fun? Click here to see other shots from this week’s photo challenge.

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An adventure of a lifetime – Jetpacking in Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands is surrounded by sparkling blue warm waters and it’s the first choice of many to try a new adventure. Whether is be: diving, snuba-diving, snorkeling, sailing, jet-skiing, fishing, para-sailing, tours in a submarine, kayaking and jet-packing. Say what?

Jet-packing is the latest adventure craze to hit Cayman Islands. Have you ever dreamed of walking on water or having the freedom to fly? I sure have.

Jetpack Cayman offers you all of this – and an experience of a lifetime!


Freedom Fliers

No strength or experience necessary, one on one coaching and all new pilots are guaranteed to fly or you receive a full refund! Snaptastic!

It’s up, up and away with Jetpack Cayman.

Jetpack Cayman by Jennifer Avventura 2013 (2)

Walking on water

I spent last Monday on the glorious Seven Mile Beach when I noticed a flier in the sky – I dug out my camera and snapped these shots. It does cost an arm and a leg but if you can afford it – give it a go, I sure would!

***No expats were hurt during the shooting of this adventure. No expats were paid to write this post either.

Have you tried this adventure sport? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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